DIY: Welcome To My Crib Cactus Pillow Cover

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Project Intro

As I work to build my boho “Little Man Cave” nursery, I’ve been creating items with cute desert themes, such as cacti and foxes. For this project, I thought that using the phrase “Welcome to My Crib” in a nursery was a really cute spin on the popular term! To make it my own, I added a fun, cactus graphic with pineapple sunglasses to make the design cute and baby-friendly. In my nursery, I paired my pillow with a boho tribal crib sheet and an adorable crochet fox by Caroline’s Sweet Crafts!


For this project, you will need:


The first step is to upload our Welcome To My Crib PNG file into your die-cutting software and cut out your different layers. You will need to slice each element by color to cut the shapes out. When determining how big to cut the shapes, I recommend making the whole graphic a few inches smaller than the size of your pillow since the pillow will fluff out. For this 16″ x 16″ pillow cover, I scaled the graphic down to 11″ x 11″ so that the image would be centered on the flat part of the pillow. With the listed materials, I used a temperature of 305 degrees for 15 seconds.
REMINDER: Make sure to mirror your images when cutting on iron-on materials!

After cutting out the layers in the various colors, iron on the shapes in layers, starting with the black text and aqua cactus shape. Then, build up the other layers from the bottom up (white cactus thorns > turquoise pineapple crown and mouth > yellow pineapple > sun yellow pineapple scale pattern > black sunglasses). IMPORTANT: Make sure to cover all the exposed vinyl with cloth when ironing on different layers so that the heat press doesn’t melt the vinyl.
TIP: The vinyl may shrink slightly as you iron it, so we recommend overlapping the colors a little where possible to minimize gaps.

Once finished, stuff your pillow with the insert, zip it up, and put it in your crib!

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