Purrty Thirty! A Cat-Themed Birthday Party

Purrty Thirty, Cat-Themed 30th Birthday Party

My best friend loves cats. No, I mean she REALLY loves cats! As her 30th birthday approached, I knew that the traditional “Dirty Thirty” was not going to suit her style. So when I came up with the “Purrty Thirty” concept, I kept the secret to myself for months because it was just too perfect of a surprise to spoil!

My design revolved around an adorable cat cake (with Nutella filling… yum!) and confetti cake pops. I purchased sequin cat ear headbands for all of our friends to wear and made everyone a custom champagne flute with either “meow” or “purr” written on it in gold foil. The drink of the day was a “Meow-mosa”, for which I mixed grapefruit juice with prosecco. I found cute mini cat pinatas that I filled with champagne flavored gummy bears. For decor, I cut cat faces out of black and gold cardstock to make a fun table banner, and I decorated clear balloons with colorful ribbon and cat accents to place around the room.

My favorite part of the surprise were her gifts! The first thing I made her was a throw pillow using drawings of her actual cats! I loved seeing her face when she first saw the pillow and noticed that the cats were her own. Second, since her birthday was right before Christmas and I knew that she likes to collect  ornaments commemorating events in her life, I handmade her a glittery cat ornament with a gold “30” on top. 

In all honestly, this was one of my favorite themes that I have ever done for anyone because it was just so cute and fun! Thirtieth birthdays are once in a lifetime, so don’t let the opportunity for your own “Purrty Thirty” pass you by!


Cat Mini Pinatas:  Set of (3) Kitten Pinatas
Sequin Cat Ears:  Set of (12) Cat Headbands
Black Cat Coasters:  Set of (4) Cat Coasters
Clear Balloons:  24″ Clear Reusable Balloons (with added handmade decal)
Cat Cake and Cat Cake Pops:  A Heart’s Baked Desire
Cake Stand: Mint Melamine Cake Stand
Cake Pop Stand: Acrylic Cake Pop Stand
Assorted Ribbon: JoAnn
Mint Chalkboard Sign: Hobby Lobby
*The black and gold cat banner, champagne flutes, wall sign, and pillow were all handmade. 

Purrty Thirty, Cat-Themed 30th Birthday Party
Purrty Thirty, Cat-Themed 30th Birthday Party, Cat Cake Pops, Cat Pinata
Purrty Thirty, Cat-Themed 30th Birthday Party, Meow Purr Champagne Glasses Flutes, Cat Pinata
Purrty Thirty, Cat-Themed 30th Birthday Party
Purrty Thirty, Cat-Themed 30th Birthday, Christmas Holiday DIY Cat Ornament

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